GSC provides the following services

Chemicals and Equipment:

  • Fuel treatment chemicals and Additives (Vanadium inhibitors, Emulsifiers, Oxygen Excavators). Chemicals added to a variety of fuels, including Heavy fuel oil (HFO) and Crude oil, to protect, maintain, and improve the performance the Gas Turbines electrical power generation equipment.

  • Chemicals used in the oil & gas drilling operations

  • Environmental Laboratories stationary & mobile for air, water, and oil supplies.

  • Technical Chemical Consultations Services for Power Generation, Oil & Gas, Water, and Environment Projects.


  • Rehabilitation & Upgrades

  • Operations & Maintenance

  • Consultation Services

  • Technical Advisory & Manpower Services

Power Generation and Oil & Gas Projects Construction


  • Power Generation with Gas & Steam Turbines

  • Oil & Gas Compression application with Turbo-Compressors

  • Greenfield and add-on projects

  • Simple and combine cycle projects

  • Heavy Industrial Gas Turbines Power Plants: GE (Fr9E, Fr5, Fr3, Fr1), Hitachi H25, ABB 13D

  • Aeroderivative Gas Turbine units with (GE LM6000, LM/TM 2500) and Rolls Royce Avon (1533, 34, 35)

  • 33/11KV, 132/33KV, and 400/133KV Substations